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Shipping & Returns


    • We ship via the Canada Postal Service. At checkout you may choose from a flat rate or another preferred shipping method and amount. Our flat rate 8$ method usually ships Priority mail between 5-8 business days, unless another method would provide better service based on the weight of your order.
    • Please note we take every precaution to insure your order arrives safely, however, there may be occasions where goods are damaged which are beyond our control.
    • we do not accept returns for any product.
    • All merchandise damaged during shipment is covered by the shipper. If you receive merchandise damaged during shipping, please contact us within 3 days of the date of shipment of your order, and your claim will be processed immediately.
    • Claims will fall under the following categories: Lost order, Damaged merchandise, Shortage on order, Wrong item sent.
    • It doesn't happen often, but carriers such truck lines and Parcel Post do lose orders. If you have placed an order and have not received it in a reasonable period, call or e-mail us with the following information:
    • 1. Your name as it appears on your account.
    • 2. A copy of the order and date submitted to us.
    • 3. Approximate dollar amount remitted and how the order was paid. Charge card? Money order?
    • 4. If a partial order was delivered and the invoice is included in one of the delivered cartons, please have this invoice available and a list of the missing items and the number of cartons received.
    • Inspect each box for signs of damage such as crushed, torn, open, unseamed tape, etc. If you do find outward damage, sign the receipt with the words "Exception - Damage." For United Parcel Service deliveries, contact us and give the invoice number or the shipment involved. Explain the damage involved, number of cartons received and whether you desire a replacement or credit to your account. This information will prepare us for a claim report from the carrier.
Hidden Damage by carrier:
    • If you should receive a shipment delivered by carrier that shows no visible damage, but upon inspection you discover damage due to evident rough handling, contact us within 30 days of invoice date and report the damage. We will issue credit or replacement at your request.
  • If you receive an order and find it has not been filled completely, check your invoice. If the item was out of stock, it was not charged to your account. If the item does not appear on your invoice, be sure to advise customer services when you call or write. Thoroughly check the cartons and packing. Small items may be under the packing material. Upon receipt, check the condition of the cartons. If there is a shortage due to tampering, a claim must be placed with the carrier. Follow the same procedure as if there is damage. If there is no tampering and an actual shortage exists, contact customer service. We'll need to know the invoice number, number of cartons received, the missing item number, and whether you prefer credit or a replacement.